(B.1816-1819) Izet (D.Late 1800s)
(B.1840) John Charley (B.1845) Richard Charley (D.1912)
(B.1844) Jane Dunsford

Izett Charley

Note that on the 2 February 1795 in the Kentisbury parish records, there is a record of the birth of an Izett Charley born to John and Elizabeth Charley. Izett was the second born of seven children, the eldest was Elizabeth (B.1792) named after her mother. John Joce (B.1810) named after his father, Jane (B.1805), William (B.1807), Samuel Joce (B.1811), and Richard (1818). At this time it seems quite normal for the first born to take their fathers or mothers name. So is the Izett below the mother or aunty of the Izett above or did she die and was the Izett (B.1819ish) below a later daughter and not christened.

The Union Workhouse, Barnstaple, Devon was situated in Alexandra Road and was later turned into the Alexandra Hospital. In the later part of the twenth century it was demolished to make way for old peoples flats. In the 1841 census Izett Charley (sometimes spelt Izet, Isett or Iset) was in the Union Workhouse aged 25, described as a pauper and born in the county of Devon with her was her son John aged 1. In 1845 Isett Charley (B.1819ish in Kentisbury according to census returns) fell pregnant while working as a servant in a country house somewhere around Kentisbury so the family believe. Isett gave birth to a baby boy on the 29 October 1845 in the Union Workhouse, she named him Richard and he took his mothers surname Charley. She must have had little schooling if any, because she couldn't sign her name only make her mark on her son's birth certificate. In 1851 Isett (spelt Izet here) aged 32 was living at High Preston, Kentisbury her occupation was workwoman (Ag Lab). Her eldest son John must have died because he's not recorded in this census, but her younger son Richard now aged 6 and a scholar. The head of the house was William Harris aged 36 born at Martinhoe an agricultural labour with his wife Mary aged 34 born at Kentisbury. By 1861 Izett (spelt Izitt in the 1861 census) was an unmarried lodger in Newport Road Barnstaple (Bishops Taunton Division) aged 35 and born in Worcestershire? Her son Richard aged 15 was working at Tidicombe (Tydicombe) Arlington Barnstaple as a servant and a carter born in Kentisbury.

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