(B1859 D1930)John Challacombe EastabrookeDe Viell & Jessie Cann (B1860 D1951)
De Viell
De Viell
De Viell
De Viell
De Viell
De Viell

John De Viell

All I know about John Challacombe Easterbrooke De Viell is that he was an Assurance Agent and lived at 36. Beaufort Road. St Thomas in 1900. This is the place were Winifred his daughter was born on the 21 April 1900.

Queenie. Mable Ponsford De Viell Married in Exeter, Emigrated to Nova Scotia and died in 1968 aged 80.

Charles Ernest de Viell Married in Exeter aged 24 approx, died aged 32 at Marllesham Airdrome in an accident in 1920. In 1916 he was an ex RAF air mechanic

Florence Ellen De Viell Married in Exeter and died in Taunton

Beatrice Mary De Viell Married, lived and died in 1958 aged 65 all in Exeter

Archie Henry De Viell Died in 1964 and was a compositor (puts letters in the trays) for a news paper

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