Address Name Relation to head Condition Age Occupation Born Census Place
123, Haincuddle Street West Side John Tredwin Lodger Unmarried 22 - Penryn Cornwall Penryn
111 Adelaide Street Eliza Tredwin Lodger
(Vine Household)
Unmarried 19 House Servant Penzance Madrom Penzance
37 Penwith Street Henry Tredwin Head Married 58 Baker Penryn Madron Penzance
'' Mary Tredwin Wife Married 50 - Corvan Madron Penzance
'' Edwin Tredwin Son Unmarried 22 Journeyman Baker Penzance Madron Penzance
'' George H Tredwin Son Unmarried 17 Ship Carpenter Apprentice Penzance Madron Penzance
'' W John Tredwin Son Unmarried 6 Scholar Penzance Madron Penzance
94 Regent Square Mary A Tredwin Head Widow 65 Widow of a Lientent RN Penzance Madron Penzance

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