The register of

Baptisms, marriages and burials

of the parish of Hartland Devon

1558 - 1837

( filius - son & filia - daughter, Tredwil is a variation)

9th Oct 1570

Tredwin Richardus and Joanna Bere marriage

8th Feb 1559

Margeria filia Richardi Tredwin baptism

21st Feb 1561

Richardus filius Richardi Tredwin baptism

23rd Feb 1561

Anstis filia Richardi Tredwinbaptism

14th April 1564

Joanna filia Richardi Tredwin baptism

30th May 1658

Petrus filius Richardus Tredwin baptism

11th May 1570

Rose Tredwin de Chestow burial

30th June 1571

Joanna Tredwin de Harton burial

7th May 1594

Anstis Tredwil burial

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