(b.1803) Henry Tredwin & Mary



MADRON (Penzance)

In the 1851 census at 37 Penwith Street lived Henry Tredwin aged 58 (note born in Penryn) a baker by trade with his wife Mary aged 50 born in Corvan. They had three sons Edwin Tredwin 22 born in Mousehole (1828) a journeyman baker, George. H Tredwin 17 a ships carpenters apprentice and William John Tredwin 6 a scholar both born in Penzance. Their daughter Eliza Tredwin was lodging at the time at 110 Adelaise Street, unmarried aged 19 born in Penzance and employed as a house servant by James and Elizabeth Vine (all names are spelt Tredwin).

By the 1861 census Henry Tredwin had died and the family lived at 27 Camberwell Street. Mary was now 60 and head of the house, Living with her was her Daughter Eliza Williama Tredwin 29 Dressmaker unmarried born in Penzance and son William John Tredwin 16 an iron founder apprentice both born in Penzance. Four years later (1865) Eliza married a William Henry Tonkin, then a year after (1866) William John married Margaret Medlin. Both Edwin and George. H doesn't show up in this census as yet, but we know that in 1853 Edwin married Frances Anne Phillips Rowe.

By the 1871 census Edwin 42 now a labour and Frances 41 born in Penzance in 1830 had five children all born in Penzance. First George aged 14 a Scholar, Richard aged 12 a scholar, Harriet aged 6 a scholar and the Twins Charles and William aged 6 months.

By 1881 Edwin aged 52, still a general Labour and Frances 51 lived at 39 New Street, Madron Penzance. Living with them was their sons Edwin.H now 27 a mariner, Richard.J now 22, also a mariner and the twins now 10 scholars. George aged 25, a general labour had by now married an Elizabeth Ellen 22 born in Penzance in1859 and lived at 10 Pendarvest Street, Madron Penzance. While their year old son Edwin Henry born 1880, was staying with his grand parents John Bodilly Phillips and Mary Bodilly Phillips at 4 Leskinnick Place, Madron Penzance. Harriet 16 by now was employed as a servant Housemaid to Nanny Higgs at Woodfield Madron.

By 1901 census Harriet was 36 now and married to William Lance aged 30, they have two sons William 2 and Richard 1year old living at East side of Adelaide Street, Penzance No 52. Living with them is Harriet's brother Charles aged 30 and a mariner by occupation. His twin brother William is also a mariner and married to Annie aged 25 (born in St Just), living with them is their 1-month-old daughter Frances A Tredwin all living at No 13 Camberwell Street Penzance. Both families living in the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Johns. Edwin H aged 47, now lived at 2 Abbey Place, New Street, Penzance, in the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary's. Living in the house were 4 boarders.

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