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I've found an a web-site which mentions a Richard Tredwin in the opening of Cardiff's first dry dock in 1829 and built a number of vessels from 1830 onwards. In the 1850's his company was still building small boats. Tredwin's yard was taken over in 1857, when Tredwin died, by his nephews John & Thomas Hodges.


There's an article on the internet about a rally from Medway to France and back in two sonatas. In one of the boats called Soloist is Ian Tredwin and Mike Harrison. Ian seems to be vary experienced in sailing Sonatas. Who he is I don't know so I'll have to track him down unless someone can help me...............Stephen at


Shortly we will have some 1841, 1851, 1861 &1871 census records on the site for some Parishes in cornwall!!. Also some information about a Hugh Tredwin (1774-1828).