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{Stephen Tredwin}

Stephen Tredwin

Stephen was born on the 7th November 1950 to Peter Francis Tredwin and Shelia Mary Tredwin their second son, his older brother John Francis was now 4 years old. At this time they lived at Whitehaven (now called Newberry's) cottage. South Common. Axminster. Devon. He went to school at the near by All Saints school and had an idyllic childhood in the country. A year and three months later his sister Nina Mary Tredwin was born. At the age of eight Stephens father was promoted and the family moved to 3 Greenleaves ave., Bromley heath, Downend at Bristol.

{3 Greenleaves Ave.}
3 Greenleaves Ave.
{19 Manor Drive}
19 Manor Drive

Hear he attended Blackhorse School until a place became available at Bromley heath Junior School. Failing the eleven Plus exam he attended Downend Secondary School for most of the first year. Then due to promotion the family moved to Torquay when he was eleven leaving his older brother John Francis at Bristol. Here he attended Audley Park Secondary School until the age of sixteen, when due again to his fathers promotion (this time to bank manager at Midland Bank Ilfracombe) they moved to North Devon to live at Little Haven between Mortehoe Station and Sandy Cross on the Mortehoe road. Part way into his exam year he attended Ilfracombe Secondary Modern School, and achieved seven GCSE results. Finishing school in May 1966 and an engineering apprenticeship with Ayers & Grimshaws was arranged and to start in the first week in September. So the summer was spent working as a car park attendant in the car park of the Lee Bay Hotel at Lee Bay near Ilfracombe Devon. In September He started his apprenticeship on £2 75s per week, but in November on his birthday it rose to £3 75s. Travelling to work from Lee Bay on a Honda 90 Motor bike (which cost £60) until he had passed his test, he then acquired his Triumph T90 for £350. In 1969 Stephen meet Janet Knight daughter of one of the Ilfracombe coast guards, in 1971 Janet fell pregnant with their son Paul Arron, they separated and Stephen moved to Bristol. He moved into his brother's attic flat in Clifton and started work with Imperial Smelting at Avon mouth, Bristol.

{The attic flat at Clifton Bristol}

The attic flat at the top of the corner building

But after 6 months he moved back to North Devon and was reunited with Janet. So shortly after Paul's birth on the 1st December 1971 they were married at Barnstaple registry Office in 1972. Moving into a flat in market street Ilfracombe they set up home, then before the end of the year they moved flats to 2 Oxford Close Ilfracombe. It was at this time that he started practicing karate at Ilfracombe with the shoto-ki stile under sensei Harada. Stephen at this time was working at Desmond Engineering in Combe Martin, owned a Triumph T100 motorbike and soon they moved to Combe Martin closer to his place of work. On the 6th June 1973 their daughter Jane was born. It was in the same year that Stephen returned to Ayers & Grimshaws to work, until 1975 when he got a job with Molins Ltd in Peterborough in Northamptonshire at their spares factory and the family moved to Peterborough. They lived on the Breton estate, which was a new town estate with a lot of London overspill. The houses were wooden construction; a community heating system supplied hot water and heating. It was while living here that Stephen learned to drive and after winning his works 300club (300 people paid a pound a week for a draw once a month) that he bought a Vauxhall Victor, the family was mobile now! While living here he set up the Peterborough Shoto-Ki karate club and soon gained his brown belt.

{Stephen with son Paul daughter Jane}

Paul, Jane and Stephen and their Peterborough home

In 1977 the family returned to North Devon in their Austin Mini, they moved in with his in-laws who at this time lived at Pilton Lawn in the furthest end house on the right. Stephen took a job at Ayers & Grimshaws again, but after a month applied and got a job as a toolmaker with AMP Great Britain Ltd in Bideford Devon (starting on the 18th August 1977). He now bought a 2.5 litre Triumph Pi. After a month Stephen and his wife Janet separated and he moved out and into a bed-sit in Richmond Street Barnstaple. The new job at AMP was on the night shift, four ten-hour nights Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. He moved flats to 103 Pilton Street, Pilton, Barnstaple and training again at Ilfracombe Karate club and attended many summer camps and Dan grade courses. It was at this time he meet Lesley Smith and a relationship started and in 1982 on the 7th November they married. They lived for a year in the flat at Pilton, saving a deposit for a house and soon bought a Days Cottage at Roughbrough near Beaford. Then on the 19 February 1984 His father died but by the 16th November 1984 their daughter Rachael Mary Tredwin was born and a week before Christmas 1984 they moved to 37, Kingsley Avenue, Barnstaple. On the 23rd November 1987 their second daughter Louise Sarah Tredwin was born, then in December 1990 they moved to 27, Hamilton Close, Bideford bring them closer to Stephen's work. AMP was taken over by Tyco and become Tyco Electronics Ltd.. After 25 years redundancy came amid a bouts of redundancy on the24th June 2002. Finishing on the Friday he started work on the following Monday with Anglo American Vulcanised Fibre as a cell leader on the cage section (bearing cages). This cell was involved in the production of fonolic bearing cages for dentists drills to large 12" bearing for the oil industry.

On the 26th March 2004 Stephen left Anglo American Vulcanised Fibre to join the British Geographical Survey as Site Manager of thier Hartland Observatory ( ). This Observatory measures the worlds magnitism and seismology and involves the family living on site. My CV to date and to be cont............

{Hartland Observatory}

Hartland Magnetic Observatory

Hartland Magnetic Observatory

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