St James, Bath, Baptisms 1718 - 1782
1720 26th Dec Anne Wood daughter of William
175% 9th Sept James Wood son of William
1723 6th Aug William Wood son William
1729 8th Feb Anne Wood daughter of John
1782 -1812
1784 2nd May Charlotte Woods daughter of John and Penelope
1797 4th June Herriett Wood daughter of Stephen and Anna Maria
1801 30th Oct Mary Ann Wood daughter of Thomas and Sarah
1803 11th April Edward William Wood son of William and Lucy Ann
1804 26th Feb Fereby Wood son of Thomas and Sarah
1805 3rd April George Wood son of George and Mary
1806 13th July Ann Maria Wood daughter of Thomas and Sarah
1807 5th Jan Maria Woods daughter of Richard and Cathrn
1811 27th Nov Mary Anne Wood of William and Mary
St James, Bath, Marriages 1569 - 1718
1584 21th Sept William Padbery and Mary Wood
1609 15th May John Chambers and Susan Wood
1741 14th Jan Benjamin Turner and Mary Wood
1795 6th Sept Richard Wood (Bacholar) & Mary Wilmot (Spinster) (Banns) Charl Russell & Henry Lidiard
1802 27th Sept Richard Wood (Bacholar) & Cathrn Perry (Spinster) (Banns) Charl Russell & John Cole
1803 1st Feb George Wood (Widower) & Mary Lovell (Spinster) (Banns) John Cole & Charl Russell
1813 2nd July Mills, x Thomas (Widow of St James)
Wood, x Nancy (Widow of St James)
(Banns) Mary Cotell
John Cole
1816 21th Jan Wood, James (Bacholar of St James)
Asher, x Ann (Widow of St James)
(Banns) William Webley
Joseph Pratton
1817 27th Oct Wood, Stanby (Bacholar of St James)
Sheehy, Grace (Widow of St James)
(Banns) Anthony How
Mary Batt
1824 26th Jan Wood, James (Bacholar of St James)
Huett, Susan (Spinster of St James)
(Banns) James Burt
George Smith
1827 19th Feb Wood, Paul (Bacholar of St James)
Gullick, x Mary (Widow of St James)
(Banns) James Burt
Fanny Smith
1828 10th Dec Trafford, x William (Bacholar of St James)
Wood, x Mary (Spinster of St James)
(Banns) Mary Trafford
James Burt
1834 8th May Wood, Joseph (Bacholar of St James)
Gunning, Mary Ann (Spinster of St James)
(Banns) John Gunning
Julia Freeman
1837 17th June Ingram, James (Widower of St James)
Wood, Sarah (Spinster of St James)
(Banns) George Ingram Jr.
Jemima Ingram
1840 18th June Wood, George Harvy, full age, Bacholar, Printer,Daniel St.(father George Wood, Printer,Lic)
Goulter, Sarah Georgiana, minor, spinster, Lebonon Villa, Widcombe Hill,(father John Goulter, Gent)
George Wood,
John Goulter,
Eliza EleaGoulter.
St James, Bath Burials 1569 - 1719
1572 28th Oct Margery Wood daughter of John
1577 17th Aug George Wood of Ffrome
1586 4th June John Wood
1597 13th Feb Margarett Woods
1643 14th Aug Edward Wood son of James
18%7 19th Jan James Wood the Elder
1698 12th Dec Agatha Wood daughter of George
1707 28th Aug Oliva Wood a young child
1714 21th Aug James Wood son of John
1731 29th April Mabel Wood
1731 12th Oct The Revd. Mr Peter Wood
1757 11th July Lucy Wood c
1758 8th March James Wood c
1060 26th June Ann Wood
1062 20th Nov Edward Wood
1069 30th April Elizabeth Wood
1781 3rd Dec Sarah Wood
1786 15th Dec Ann Wood
1787 12th Nov Richard Wood
1787 21th Nov Mary Wood
1789 2nd Jan The Revd. Mr. William Wood
1799 18th Feb Charlotte Wood
1806 3rd Nov Ann Maria Wood c
1807 9th Jan Thomas Wood
1818 19th Mar Wood, Mary Ann, Little Corn St. aged 4 mths
1827 10th Oct Wood, Elizabeth, Hot Bath St. aged 2 wks
1828 16th Jan Wood, Mary Ann, Lilliput Alley, aged 2 mths
1832 29th July Wood, Grace, Brimble's Court, aged 55
1833 26th Feb Wood, William, United Hospital, aged 59

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